Thinking into|about practice

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Academics and practitioners are invited to contribute to this collection by informally drawing on text, objects and/or images to reflect upon the nexus between thinking and practice in the field of law and development.

To propose a new contribution please contact Amanda Perry-Kessaris.


Liz Alden Wily Taking control of our natural resources
Kinnari Bhatt Chagos: stripped bare and subverted
Ernest Caldwell  Visualising constitutionalism in China
Clare Manuel  The effects of good and bad government
Fiona Macmillan  Rhinoceros
Patrick McAuslan You may be a consultant but you are still, and will always be, a student
Janet McKnight The Great Wave
Amanda Perry-Kessaris Taking possession of ‘new’ countries
Veronica L. Taylor Law and development begins at home
Richard Zajac-Sannerholm The boring rule of law