Legal object workshop 2017

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Images © Trustees of the British Museum

This one day workshop was funded by Kent Law School as part of the Legal Treasure Project It took place at the British Museum in London on 10.03.17 and was coordinated by Amanda Perry-Kessaris with Lisa DicksonLuis EslavaSydney Parfitt and Sophie Vigneron; who were joined by Genevieve PainterJeffery Hewitt , Jessie HohmannMelisa HandlOwain JohnstoneSydney ParfittRuth BuchananSophie Vigneron, and Steve Crawford.

Each participant presented a commentary on one of the above objects each of which is displayed in the British Museum. Participants located their chosen object within the own research agenda and addressed wider questions posed by its status as a collected object. Participants also designed and shared a trace of their presentation and made a model their chosen object in fimo modelling clay to take their relationship with the object further.

Commentaries from this event and others can be found in the Pop up Museum of Legal Objects. A short reflection on the strategy deployed in this workshop (object-based commentary in a curated space) can be found here and below is a short film.