SLSA 2017 pop up museum theme

The Legal Treasure team (Amanda perry-Kessaris, Lisa Dickson and Sophie Vigneron) organised a Pop-Up Museum Objects theme at the SLSA Annual Conference 2017 in Newcastle.

Commentaries on twelve objects were included, of which nine were presented in person. Each object was currently on both display online, and in publicly accessible collections around the world. Participants will also display a self-made model of their chosen object.

A summary of the event including text and audio-visual material can be found here. The  commentaries can be found in the ever-expanding Pop Up Museum of Legal Objects collection and many will appear in an Autumn 2017 special issue of the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly.


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Valentina Vadi Grotius’ Book Chest
Matthew Nicholson Horniman Walrus
Kelly Stathopoulou United Enemies
Clare Williams Wedgwoodn’t Tureen
Jackie Gulland Family guide to National Insurance 1948
Karen Richmond DNA swab stick
Sarah Keenan Gweagal Shield
Owain Johnstone Anti-Slavery Medallion
Steve Crawford Janus intaglio
Leslie Moran The Lord Chief Justice of England’ Carte de Visite
Genevieve Painter Sphinx figure made of wood
Sydney Parfitt The Battle of Adwa
Luis Eslava Sir Sloane’s Rhinoceros Hornbill Skull