Training in graphic design

Having enjoyed working with a graphic designer, I decided to explore what it would be like to be one. In 2013, I began a series of graphic design short courses. I am including here some examples of my work to give an insight to others who, like me, have no idea what to expect. Each project took a few hours to ‘make’ using card, paper, glue, scissors etc. In rare cases we were given a few days to think through the idea for the project. The fact that courses were computer free zones was extremely useful for focusing the mind.

My first foray into graphic design training took off with an excellent short course on Graphic Design for Beginners at Central St Martins in March 2013. Course leader Olga Surawska lead 17 or so students of teen to middle age through a highly engaging four days of artfully orchestrated projects and discussion, always with one eye on the importance of solid foundations and the other on the joy of surprise.

Surprising book
Japanese biscuit box
Cardiac surgeon logo
CSM signage analysis

In June, I completed Graphic Design (Intermediate) at Central St Martins with Pam Williams, a highlight of which was a trip to the Kings Cross Skip Garden for a spot of observation drawing.

Kings Cross Way

Legal Treasures Tours book cover

Skip garden observational drawings

In July, I completed the superb short course Information Design: Designing Information run by Angela Morelli and Tom Halsor

Avalanche infographic

Happy-chatty index

Steps in a day data visualisation

Books I bought as a result:

Richard Hollis (2001) Graphic Design: A concise world history
Phil Baines and Andrew Haslam (2005) Type and Typography
Richard Saul Wurman (2000) Information Anxiety 2

Thanks to the School of Law at SOAS,University of London, for funding.

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