Sociolegal objects: resources

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Legal Treasure Project
Thinking into | about practice


99% Invisible (category) Objects

RadioLab (episode) Things
Laughlin, Z (Co-Director of Institute of Making) The Things that Make Us


Perry-Kessaris, A (2016) How to read an object
Prown,  JD ‘Mind in Matter: An introduction to material culture theory and method’ 17:1 Winterthur Portfolio (Spring 1982) pp. 1-19

UCL Teaching and Learning Portal Object-Based Learning Guides and Case Studies

Blunsdon, K. Reed, N. McNeil, S. McEachern, ‘Experiential Learning in Social Science Theory: An Investigation of the Relationship between Student Enjoyment and Learning’ (2003) 22(1) Higher Education Research and Development

Joe Cain, ‘Practical Concerns when Implementing Object-Based Teaching in Higher Education’ (2010) 3 University Museums and Collections Journal

Cynthia Carter Ching, James A. Levin, Jeanine Parisi, ‘Perspectives on Artifacts in Physical and Virtual Learning Environments’ (American Educational Research Association Symposium, Chicago, 22 April 2003)

P.J. Corfield, ‘Hobbling Around with the Burden of Easily Forgotten Information’ The Times Higher (London, 25 September 2008)

Helen Chatterjee, ‘Staying Essential: Articulating the value of OBL’ (2008) 14 University Museums and Collections Journal

Helen Chatterjee, ‘Object-Based Learning in Higher Education: The pedagogical power of museums’ (2011) 3 University Museums and Collections Journal

Helen Chatterjee and Rosalind Duhs, ‘OBL in Higher Education’ (2010) CETLD Learning at the Interface Conference Proceedings

Denisse Marie De Leon, ‘Museums in the Classroom: Preservation Virginia’s John Marshall House Trunk’ (VCU Thesis and Dissertation, 2010)

Rosalind Duhs, ‘Introduction to Object Based Learning’  University College London

Ashok Kumar, ‘How to Make Nehru cap from Newspaper’ YouTube.

University College London, ‘Object Based Learning’

Teaching to Learn

Online collections

The history of BP in 10 objects

Abolition of Slavery (National Portrait Gallery)
British Museum on YouTube
Rule of Law (World Treasures of the Library of Congress: Beginnings)

British Museum collection (via Google Cultural Institute)

Osbourne, D Object-ivity

VADS Free art and design images for education

Commentaries, collections and performances

Jeffrey Hewitt and Ruth Buchanan (2016) ‘The Treaty Canoe by Alex McKay, Osgoode Hall Law School‘ Law Arts Culture. Blog.
Chiam, M, Eslava, L, Painter, GR, Parfitt, R, and Peevers, C (2014) The First World War interrupted: artefacts as international law’s archive
Perry-Kessaris A (2016) STANDARD
Perry-Kessaris A (2016) Object-based econosociolegal brainstorming
All rise: What does justice sound like? (Links to Tate-a-Tate: sound artwork on the theme of BP sponsorship of Tate)

Pop up museum of legal objects

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