Sociolegal model making 2: Analysis

Sociolegal model making 2: Analysis from Amanda Perry-Kessaris on Vimeo.

This is the second in a series of experiments investigating how modelling can be used in econosociolegal research processes (see the first and third).

The substantive focus of the piece is Annex VII of the failed 2004 Annan Plan for the reunification of Cyprus. The Annex specified how property would be dealt with especially where its status had been affected by interethnic conflict since 1963. This question continues to be crucial in the leader-led, United Nations facilitated negotiations currently underway. The answers may shape the outcome of any referendum on a proposed plan, and as well as important aspects of the econosociolegal future of the island. As such it is important not only to get the answers ‘right’, but also to communicate them clearly to a wide ranging audience.

My aim in conducting this experiment was to use the process of model making to access, understand and eventually reduce, the complexity of those answers. My strategy was to use a combination of storyboarding and colour coding.