How might designerly ways enhance our abilities to understand + meet sociolegal research challenges?

The above presentation was prepared for the Sociolegal Research Cluster at Essex at the invitation of Jaime Lindsey.

It is based on a short monograph entitled Doing sociolegal research in design mode, to be published by Routledge, which was supported by funding from the Sociolegal Studies Association and the Leverhulme Trust.

In the presentation I begin by setting out some key challenges faced by contemporary sociolegal researchers; and then three ‘designerly ways’ that strike me, a sociolegal researcher, as both characteristic of design and of particular relevance to sociolegal research.

I then give a sense of how these designerly ways might be deployed in a sociolegal context by showing four short films that capture experiments done individually and in collaboration with other sociolegal researchers while I was completing an MA in Graphic Design.

I conclude with some reflections on how any sociolegal research community might begin to introduce designerly ways into its everyday.

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