Synthesising alternative econo-legal futures through designerly ways

This presentation was prepared for the WG Hart Legal Workshop 2022 ‘Responding to the Crises: Law, Alternative Economies and Activism’ which was held at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, and organised in association with Birkbeck Law School and Kent Law School. Thanks to the Leverhulme Trust for funding.

Most people would agree that contemporary relationships between law and economic life are unsatisfactory; and that if we are to make progress, we need to explore alternatives.

In this presentation I consider here is how we might make such explorations more possible and probable by drawing on the ways that are characteristic of design-based disciplines. Specifically, how might designerly ways help us to move from analysing that which already exists, to synthesising new alternatives?  

The presentation draws on the work of Stuart Candy, Hands-on Famagusta and the Doughnut Economics Action Lab.

I explored related themes in this 2022 paper for the Northen Ireland Legal Quarterly: ‘Could alternative econo-legal futures be made more possible and probable through prefigurative design? Insights from and for Cyprus’.

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