Research in Film Awards 2016: the shortlist through a sociolegal lens

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research in Film Awards 2016 is a treasure trove for sociolegal researchers. My top pick is right at the bottom so scroll on down...  

Visual communication of division and reunification in Cyprus

  This post sets out some of my initial exploratory work for a wider project on the use of design thinking and practice by civil society actors in relation to econolegal aspects of the current talks on the possible reunification of Cyprus. It is an early insight into my work in progress, it is directed towards a non-specialist audience,… Continue reading Visual communication of division and reunification in Cyprus

The legal life of a t-shirt

Photo courtesy Planet MoneyPlanet Money, an accessible economics podcast from National Public Radio (USA), recently explored the multilayered economic life of a t-shirt by making one.In so doing they also exposed a wide range of legal issues: from copyright, to the dispute resolution system of the WTO, to gender equality in Bangladesh. Activity: Explore the project app and listen to… Continue reading The legal life of a t-shirt