KLS LLM Legal Treasure Tour 2015

On May 13 2015 a pack of legal treasure hunters led by Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Lisa Dickson and Sophie Vigneron travelled from Kent Law School to the British Museum. Read all about it below, on our webpage and on Twitter.

Part A Briefing in the Great Court 

What is a museum for? Who decides want is #legaltreasure? Who gets to keep it?

    Part B Six objects, 4000+ years

Rule by hope Throne of Weapons  Mozambique 2001 CE 

Spreading the legal word Pillar of Ashoka India 239 BCE 

3 Harmony Bronze Bell China 500-400 BCE 
4 Econo-socio-legal nexus Standard of Ur Iraq 2600 BCE

5 Rule by power Sutton Hoo Sceptre UK 600 CE  

6 Subversion
Suffragette defaced coin UK 1903 CE 

Part C Students introduce their chosen objects

Eva: silver and gold chalices highlight importance of church to state during 1250 reign of Henry III
Jodie: judgment scenes from heaven and hell

Jodie identifies all the usual components of the trial
(judge jury stenographer executioner ombudsman justicia)
in Egypt 1275 BCE
Book of the Dead of Hunefer

Part D  Sketching objects and recreating them in fimo clay

Silver denarius of Cleopatra VII & Mark Antony


A section of the Parthenon

Anti-slavery campaign sugar bowl

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