Animating Registration: Work in progress

This project is a visual response to a theme entitled Registering Registration at the Socio Legal Studies Association Annual Conference #SLSA2015 run by Ed Kirton-Darling and Julie McCandless.
The theme focused on registration as an ‘ancient and contemporary tool of governance and law’, which is ‘about beginnings and endings; about crossing boundaries, opening doors and closing off possibilities’.
During the sessions I took notes (lots of text, some sketches)

After the event, I identified key words and themes from the presentations and abstracts. This led me to decide to split the animation narrative into two main parts: the registered and the register.

After much experimentation I decided to use biopsy-like dots as the key visual device for both parts of the animation.

Part One: The Registered is available here on Vimeo
Registering Registration Part 1: The registered [Draft] from Amanda Perry-Kessaris on Vimeo.

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