Sociolegal model-making 4: Discussion

Sociolegal model making 4: Discussion from Amanda Perry-Kessaris on Vimeo.

This is the fourth in a series of experiments (see the firstsecondthirdfifth and sixth) investigating how modelling can be used in econosociolegal research processes.
‘Law and governance are intimately entangled with time.’ So began the call for papers for an international conference on ‘New’ legal temporalities: discipline and resistance across domains of time’, the third event in a two year AHRC-funded Regulating Time networking project, co-organised by Emily Grabham (Kent) and Sian Beynon-Jones (York).

I designed and facilitated the opening plenary workshop at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge on 08.08.16 in which participants performed two activities. The distinctive features of this experiment were the scale (about 50 participants) and the focus on one theme: intersections between law and time. The aims were to encourage discussion, openness and collaboration, and deep attention to the conference theme.

Photo release forms were obtained from all participants. Thanks to them, and to Emily and Sian, for this golden opportunity to experiment with such creative people on such a large scale.

Activity I: Text and/as image

The first activity focused on text (key words collated from titles of abstracts submitted by participants), then images (generally abstract, selected from my personal collection), then words and images.

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Participants first created their own pieces then a collaborative arrangement of those pieces.

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Activity II: Model Making

The second activity focused on 3D models making. Some participants preferred the constraints offered by Lego. Others found it incompatible with their project, and/or with their vision.

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