Fantasy Legal Exhibitions

A workshop on the theme of Fantasy Legal Exhibitions will be held on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 July, 2023 in central London. Organisers: Victoria Barnes and Amanda Perry-Kessaris Funded by: Socio-Legal Studies Association and Kent Law School Exhibitions range widely in form, including from spontaneous pop-up to enduring archive, material to digital, and localised… Continue reading Fantasy Legal Exhibitions

Evidencing + combatting hate crime in India: concepts, mindsets, processes

Figure 1: Collaborative prototyping (c) Amanda Perry-Kessaris 2019.  How might designerly practices such as collaborative prototyping help academics and activists in India work together to evidence and combat hate crime? This is the question at the heart of a collaboration between Mohsin Alam Bhat, Joanna Perry and Amanda Perry-Kessaris which is generously supported by the… Continue reading Evidencing + combatting hate crime in India: concepts, mindsets, processes

Workshop: making sociolegal research visible and tangible

We invite you to attend a workshop devoted to reframing your current sociolegal research project using design-based strategies, and in so doing to improve your abilities to explain (ask: how?), to generate (ask: why?) and to speculate (ask: what if?) in relation to it. In this one day hands-on workshop you will make three types… Continue reading Workshop: making sociolegal research visible and tangible

Sociolegal model making 8: Pop-Up Museum of Legal Objects

This is the eight in a series of experiments (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh) investigating how model making can be used in sociolegal research processes. As these experiments have progressed I have come to realise that my intention is to understand how we can, and why we might, make sociolegal research ‘visible and tangible’. This experiment is similar… Continue reading Sociolegal model making 8: Pop-Up Museum of Legal Objects

In pursuit of the copper ox-hide ingot

My first encounter with ox-hide ingots was on the cover of a specialist economic history text. Cyprus is home to the largest deposits of copper ore in the Mediterranean region, concentrated around the Trodoos mountains. I came face-to-face with, and became attached to, my  ox-hide ingot during an experiment in object-based brainstorming that I conducted in… Continue reading In pursuit of the copper ox-hide ingot

Collaborative making to solve policy problems: lessons for legal research?

The Future Imaginaries series run by the Innovation Insights Hub at the University of the Arts London included a Policy Imaginaries workshop led by Director of the Hub, Lucy Kimbell and Noah Raford of the Museum of the Future in Dubai. The workshop focus was on how the 'future-making practices' used by designers can be deployed in a policy context, using the… Continue reading Collaborative making to solve policy problems: lessons for legal research?

Legal Object Workshop 2017

This one day workshop is funded by Kent Law School, is part of the Legal Treasure Project and takes place at the British Museum in London on 10.03.17. The workshop is coordinated by Amanda Perry-Kessaris with Lisa Dickson, Luis Eslava, Sydney Parfitt and Sophie Vigneron. Each participant will present an object from the collection, locating it within their own research agenda as well as addressing wider questions posed by its… Continue reading Legal Object Workshop 2017

Sociolegal model-making 4: Discussion

Sociolegal model making 4: Discussion from Amanda Perry-Kessaris on Vimeo. This is the fourth in a series of experiments (see the first, second, third, fifth and sixth) investigating how modelling can be used in econosociolegal research processes. 'Law and governance are intimately entangled with time.' So began the call for papers for an international conference on 'New' legal temporalities: discipline and resistance across domains… Continue reading Sociolegal model-making 4: Discussion

Legal Object Workshop 2017: How to apply

Kent Law School is pleased to offer up to 10 funded places to attend the first Legal Object Workshop at the British Museum (London) on Friday 10 March 2017 10:00 – 16:00. For updated information on the progress of the Workshop please see this page. The workshop is coordinated by Amanda Perry-Kessaris with Lisa Dickson,… Continue reading Legal Object Workshop 2017: How to apply