Showing sociolegal design as work in progress

Work in progress shows are a standard element of design degrees. Like work in progress sessions in social sciences they offer an opportunity to reflect and take stock. But the visible and tangible features of design shows introduce a several additional and productive dimensions and I discovered when I displayed my work on the theme of ‘Making sociolegal research visible and tangible’ as an MA Graphic Media Design student.

Above is my show reel, composed of extracts of my individual and collaborative experimentation in socio-legal modelling making (see related posts starting here). I also displayed clay figures and ox-hide shaped votives which I created as part of my research into law, trust and inter-commmunal economic life in Cyprus. Every aspect of the process was a productive challenge, including the moment when I realised that I had been working on the wrong research question. But more on that another day.

Below is my Twitter feed in which I sought to capture live the unique qualities of tangible, visible displays of work in progress as I worked with fellow MA Graphic Media Design students at London College of Communication on our Work in Progress show 2017.

At the bottom the post is my display in the wider context of the show.


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Image credit: Bec Worth