Workshop: making sociolegal research visible and tangible

IMG_3494We invite you to attend a workshop devoted to reframing your current sociolegal research project using design-based strategies, and in so doing to improve your abilities to explain (ask: how?), to generate (ask: why?) and to speculate (ask: what if?) in relation to it.

In this one day hands-on workshop you will make three types of models (modular, found and bespoke) about your own research project; and experience the risks and rewards—in terms of communication, agility and openness—of making your research visible and tangible in an communal setting.

For further insight into the theoretical and practical context for this event see the Sociolegal Modelmaking Project.

Amanda Perry-Kessaris Professor of Law, Kent Law School (KLS)
Diamond Ashiagbor Professor of Law and Director of Research, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS)

9:00-17:00, March 9 2018

Institute of Advance Legal Studies
Charles Clore House
17 Russell Square
London WC1B 5DR

Sociolegal researchers at all (post-doctoral) career stages.

To apply for a place (funded by KLS and IALS) please answer the following questions on (only) one side of A4 and submit it to Amanda Perry-Kessaris ( by December 1, 2017:

  • What is your current research question?
  • How are you going about answering it?
  • Why is your project important for (a) theory and (b) practice?
  • What problems are you having / do you anticipate?
  • What do you think you might gain from making your research visible and tangible?

Please mention in your covering email if you wish to seek support for travel costs from our (limited) bursary fund.