How might sociolegal researchers use designerly ways to access the jurisprudential potential of science fiction?

This presentation was prepared for the Jurisprudence of the Future: Law, Justice and Science Fiction theme of the 2022 SLSA Annual Conference in York, organised by Alex Green and Mitch Travis.

In it I explore how design might provide a bridge for sociolegal researchers to access the jurisprudential potential of science fiction; especially those researchers who are wary-yet-curious about futures and other unknowables.

It draws on three projects completed by experts in design-based disciplines: Stuart Candy, Jack Tan and Hands-on Famagusta.

I am grateful for funding from the Leverhulme Trust and the Socio-Legal Studies Association.


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Travis, M. (2011) Making Space- Law and Science Fiction. 23:2 Law + Literature 241

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