Design in legal education: An edited collection

Design in Legal Education (Routledge 2022), co-edited by Emily Allbon and Amanda Perry-Kessaris, is a visually rich, experience-led collection exploring what design can do for legal education.

In recent decades design has increasingly come to be under- stood as a resource to improve other fields of public, private and civil society practice; and legal design—that is, the application of design-based methods to legal practice—is increasingly embedded in lawyering across the world.

This collection brings together experts from multiple disciplines, professions and jurisdictions to reflect upon how designerly mindsets, processes and strategies can enhance teaching and learning across higher education, public legal information and legal practice; and will be of interest and use to those teaching and learning in any and all of those fields.

For additional multimedia content, including ‘Chapter 1: What can design do for legal education?’, a visual conversation between the editors, downloadable artefacts, background interviews and author biographies, see the book microsite [coming soon]

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