Sociolegal model making

The Sociolegal Model Making project explored the risks and rewards of using design-based strategies, and model-making in particular, to enhance sociolegal research—that is, research that interprets law as a social phenomenon.

The five artefacts below are designed to be downloaded, printed on A4 and deployed by sociolegal researchers. They are intended to provoke and facilitate first steps into model-making; and they build on findings from individual and collaborative experimentation involving around 100 other researchers, as well as literature and practice from across the fields of social, policy, industrial and graphic design.


unfolded proposition

A Proposition — In which a call is made to sociolegal researchers.
[print A4 portrait + double sided long edge + fold as indicated]


folded guide

A Guide — In which three forms of model making are explained.
[print A4 landscape + double sided short edge + fold as indicated]


A space folded

A Space — In which to place sociolegal models.
[print up to A0 landscape + single sided paper or cloth]


unfolded context

A Context — In which the theory and practice informing the project are introduced.
[print A4 landscape + double sided short edge + keep in printed order + fold stack in one step as indicated + elastic band on marks] or view [on screen]


unfolded portfolio

A Portfolio — In which the project design process is visualised.
[print A4 landscape + double sided short edge + staple at marks] or view [on screen]