Animating Registration: Work in progress

This project is a visual response to a theme entitled Registering Registration at the Socio Legal Studies Association Annual Conference #SLSA2015 run by Ed Kirton-Darling and Julie McCandless.The theme focused on registration as an 'ancient and contemporary tool of governance and law', which is 'about beginnings and endings; about crossing boundaries, opening doors and closing off possibilities'.During the sessions… Continue reading Animating Registration: Work in progress

Using colour theory and typography to think about multi- and inter-disciplinarity

Colour Theory In my role as a student on the London College of Communication Postgraduate Certificate in Design for Visual Communication I was asked to create an instructional aid on the topic of colour theory. Design principles: Colour from Amanda Perry-Kessaris on Vimeo. As part of that design process I also experimented with exploring the idea of… Continue reading Using colour theory and typography to think about multi- and inter-disciplinarity

First Things First: a design manifesto 1963, 2000 and 2014

1964 The 'first things first' manifestos (issued first in 1963/4 then in 2000 and most recently in 2014) all call for designers to refocus: away from advertising and towards more 'worthy' projects. The 1963 wish list of 'worthy' projects includes scientific and industrial publications. The 2000 version emphasises the need to address 'unprecedented environmental, social and cultural crises'. In 2014 it is 'education, medicine,… Continue reading First Things First: a design manifesto 1963, 2000 and 2014

Communal Networks

© Amanda Perry-Kessaris This image will appear as Figure 1: Key elements of a communal approach to law in Perry-Kessaris, A (forthcoming 2014) 'Discovering the econo-socio-legal through a communal lens' in D Schiff and R Nobel eds. Law, Society and Community: Socio-Legal Essays in Honour of Roger Cotterrell. Ashgate.Since the mid 1990’s, Roger has used… Continue reading Communal Networks

Thinking into | about practice

Law and Development: Thinking into | about practice is a web-based series of informal reflections on the thinking-practice nexus in the field of law and development on the Kent Law School Website.Contributors from academia and practice use text and/or images to consider:How does law and development thinking play out in law and development practice?How does… Continue reading Thinking into | about practice

Getting to London College of Communication

My interest in graphic design was first piqued in early 2012 by a short course entitled Visualising Complex Information at the London College of Communication (LCC) in which students:'work with a complex piece of text and other complex information or concepts (financial, statistical and scientific) and explore how complex ideas can be explained and simplified using simple… Continue reading Getting to London College of Communication